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i meant what i said when i said until my dying day

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Birthdate:Jul 28
Location:Texas, United States of America
Yet another LiveJournal refugee. At this point however most of my fandom activity is happening over at my tumblr, but I'm lobbying hard for fandom to move back to either LJ or Dreamwidth. When I do update my LJ I periodically import the entries here as well.

i'm a sinner / i'm a saint
Liz. 30. Female. Catholic, fiscally-conservative libertarian politically apathetic, Nerdfighter. Main fandom interests include but are not limited to Arrow/The Flash, Elementary, Marvel Cinematic Universe, and missing pre-Moffat Doctor Who. My favorite colors are blue and brown, and someday I want to have a house with a kitchen decorated like a '50s diner. I attended the University of Wisconsin - Madison and earned a BA in history which I have since not used at all. Whoops. I ran away from the frozen tundra for the warmer climes of south Texas. Now I dream of needing a sweater in June. I recently earned my second bachelor's degree, this time in communication arts. I'm now a graduate student and teaching assistant at Texas A&M University, where I study fandom. For reals. If I could have coffee with any living person, I'd choose Jon Foreman (of Switchfoot); with any dead person, CS Lewis.


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